Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Havin some fun...

Just playing 3 tables and a 6-max tourney. Getting coolered...QQ v AK v AA and then set over set..it is nice playing and not caring quite as much, but i obviously do care. however, the pressure to win is gone and now i just try to do my best and if i win, thats great...if not, oh well. really makes the game a lot more fun.

just lost top 2 pr vs flopped set...sigh...maybe this isnt so much fun :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a few tourneys.

played a few tourneys...donked off 150 in buy ins, but I wanted to have some fun because I dont know how much longer I will get to play poker. Right now, it looks like I will focus the next year of my life passing the CPA exam. Once that is over, I will turn my attention back to poker.

looking to have a solid night though...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

up and down..

not playing well and getting unlucky...i need a good sweat session with the ole coach.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Tonight was a test of my will to control myself and continue grinding. I was playing well and getting it in ahead, but tonight was cruel to me on the river...

I have to be happy with my results, down about 1.5 buy ins. I lost to 5 rivered and 1 turned flush, I had my AA cracked by the rivered straight, got in pair over pair and lost, got in pair under pair and lost. I was able to grind my way back, and hit two nice hands before I quit. I hit a flush and avoided the full house when I was up against a set and my AA held up against JJ. So, things are starting to turn around for me and I hope my hands start to hold up when I am able to start another session...

Anyway, rough night. Played well and surprisingly happy with my results even though down 1.5 buy ins..thats it...good night.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I have always done pretty well in tournaments. I would say my biggest weakness would be the bubble as I often try to get ITM rather than make it deep. There have been plenty of instances where I allowed myself to get crippled just to make the money. Obviously, that is not a way to win tournaments.

Tonight, I bought into the $17k guaranteed on FTP. I won my buy in back plus some, so I thought I would give it a shot. Part of the reason I burned out previously is because I would just play sngs and I would not play a lot of tournaments. I think the variety will be good for me and will give me some excitement if I can make a few deep runs. It is not out of my capabilities to have a nice, deep cash.

I forgot how much patience you need playing these. It is funny, the WSOP is going on right now and I think about all these internet pros that 20-table and then they are forced to play 50 hands/hour as opposed to 1500 hands/hr. My first hour in this tourney I have been card dead, but at least was able to increase my stack size a little bit...lets hope for a heater!

I am really pleased how I am playing. I had 5k in chips and in 4 hands took it to 22k. I went to the break in the top 15. After break, i lost AQ v A2, AK v KQ, and QQ v AK. So, my stack was cut in half. However, still alive with a better than average stack, so I cant complain! Let's hope some of that variance comes back to me!

Lots of hands went against me tonight...had AK v J9s and that would have put me back in the game and i lost to the runner runner flush...oh well...still at it. So much for no bad beat entries...but its my first tourney in a while...man, these take forever!

I pushed 88 over QQ and didnt improve...went out 39/759...so not bad for my first tourney back. I still like my push, but i was expecting to be racing and hoping that the dude that busted me was not looking to race...

Monday, June 08, 2009

Maximizing my profit...

I am saving my preflop and flop play for my coach, but this week I want to concentrate on maximizing the value of each hand. I think I am betting my monsters too strongly and need to pull back a bit. I guess I get afraid that I will either get drawn out on or will not build a big enough pot. Tonight, assuming I get to play, I will start pulling back slightly on my big hands and see if I start to get more money in the pot.

I think this is in large part due to the negative variance I was going through. When you feel your big hands are very vulnerable, you tend to bet them more aggressively or possibly more passively. In either case, you are either not maximizing the value of your hand, or not properly protecting it.

I have been able to change up my play a bit. I have been varying my betting/calling ranges and have made some interesting plays with absolutely nothing. I have had some solid success employing a few different moves and repping strong hands. I am excited to log some hands tonight.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Changing it up...

Just finished up the freeroll. I had no hands at all and was able to build my stack through pushing and stealing blinds of people that were not playing. I finally picked up 99 on the button when we were down to 71, there was a standard raise of 1200 and i pushed my 6000 chips into AA...board showed 10 J Q K and my straight was second best. Hoping to log some hands tonight.

I need to change my blog up from daily bitch sessions to constructive posts. everyone goes through bad stretches and bad beats, but no one wants to read about them...i am going to post less frequently and with more substance.

I have been dealing with variance and the effects it has on my confidence and play. I just moved up to a new level and believe I am at least a break even player. However, I hit a stretch where I was getting good hands to open with, but missed every flop and every continuation bet I was either check-raised or someone lead out at me so I would have to call with my AK or let it go. I was always in a bad spot. To make matters worse, I lost 4 straight hands in which I flopped a set, and had a few river beats. Yes, I said I was going to stay away from bad beat posts, but that really isnt what this is about. Concerning yourself with those hands and the results is exactly what I shouldnt be doing. The fact I was able to get in good is proof enough that I am setting myself up for positive things. I need to continue to play my game. It is sorta ironic in that you can put yourself into good situations, lose, and then question your play. Confidence is what I need to maintain and always remind myself.

Now, humility is something else that I must keep very close to the surface. I have an urge to play a lot of hands and need to keep it in check. I feel like it is arrogance when I let myself play too many hands - my solution has been to open more tables. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but for me it work. I open up a few more tables and then I am very careful to keep myself from getting too active. Opening a few extra tables, as long as I can maintain discipline, has worked well for me in that it helps me log more hands and get the action I am looking for.

Tonight taught me a lesson in patience. I made one call that was questionable, but I saw the guy get it all in when he 4bet KQs. I got my 77 in on an 8 high flop and he had 99. Overall, my play seems solid and my confidence is growing. I still need to get a good sweat session with my coach to help me with situations where I get 3-bet preflop and also how to proceed postflop when I miss...I know I have a lot of work to do in those situations.